Hey everyone! It’s me, Ashton Boni, a certified backpacker who wants to see every inch of this world and had so far been to over 20 countries as far as I can reckon. I literally love to get lost in a country and I find pleasure taking pictures which I have consistently done for 14 glorious years. I’m a fun-loving person and utterly can’t last a day without my dose of a good laugh. I am also a foodie who relishes the cooking of my mother. Undoubtedly, she’s the best cook I know.  I have an advocacy towards clean and healthy living so I absolutely don’t gamble, smoke and do drugs and I only drink (Mojito, to be exact) when I’m in another country.

I’m based in San Francisco, California. My primary love is Fashion photography set in exotic locations throughout the Philippines. I am the proud founder of  Maganda Filipino. An E-Magazine dedicated to the Rediscovery of the Philippines. I produce short videos for companies in need of eye popping Promotional Videos. I also specialize in social media management, and helping entrepreneurs succeed online. Finally, I am the proud founder of Maganda Wedding. It’s a site that helps engaged Filipino couples find their perfect wedding team. 

Fashion Photography In The Philippines

Tour of our San Francisco Studio