Ashton Boni


I like to first say, this is not my design. I’ve looked at all the available DIY designs on YouTube, and I liked this design the best. I think it’s a better design than the real Eyelighter for a few reasons, 1. It only cost approx. $20 (or less if you already have a few …


Ariane shoot

Some shoots come easy some not so much. This shoot was fun fun fun! With talent all over the place it’s was easy. Check the session of Wedding dresses Victoria in the description. Click here to see the most affordable weddings of hawaii.  

EDC Las Vegas

Me and 27 of the best event photographers in the country are getting ready to cover EDC Vegas! It’s a 3 day 12 hour a day evening event (6pm to 6am because it’s so hot in the day 112 degrees). Never seen so much expensive gear in one place!

New Light Toy!

As I was looking for my years supply of pistachios at Costco I stumbled opon these interesting work lights. The price and color temperture was right ($36 each & 4000k color temp ) so I couldn’t resist. I wanna see if I can make something of them, maybe something Peter Hurleyesque. Wish me luck.