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James & Jessica













Once again I had the opportunity to photograph the band Ghost Parade and this time I got a chance to play with hard light and shadow! Salamat boys!






J. Curry and Aerin Aerin The “non-model”

Miss Curry came in for a headshot, and brought her friend Aerin (girl in Kango hat). I asked Aerin if she modeled before, she said, “nope.” I think she lied to me. She didn’t bring any clothes so I put her in my tank top and grey Kango. I think she looks good.







Camarillo (not the city) and his session

Really enjoyed shooting Camarillo. He just kept laughing while I was shooting, and made it hard to focus. We managed to get through the session, but had a blast listening to his stories.





Deanna After Marriage Portfolio Building

After Deanna got married she wanted to rebuild her modeling portfolio so she booked a studio session with me. We’ve talking about the incredible performance Juggling Inferno Creative Performers did on her wedding. But you can find more information about that, here on our website. Just take a look at these amazing shots!
Deanna collage


deanna collage 2

Sasha’s Headshot And A Little more

sasha collage